We are excited to announce that IPL MacroTrac™, a division of IPL Macro, will be attending the 2017 SEMA Show in Las Vegas!  The trade show takes place October 31 – November 3, 2017 at the Las Vegas Convention Center and features many of the top companies and products in the auto industry.  There will be a total of 3,000 new products, 2,400 exhibitors, and 1,500 custom vehicles on display at the show, making it the place to be for automobile lovers.  The SEMA Show also provides a wide range of activities for attendees, including but not limited to: educational seminars, product demonstrations, and special events.  One of the most notable of these, the Continental Tire Extreme Driving Experience (powered by BMW), will be taking place next to our booth located in the Performance Pavilion.

This will be our first appearance at SEMA and we are excited to be displaying Rola-Trac, the lightest-duty mat in our line-up of products.  Although it may be the lightest product that IPL MacroTrac™ offers, Rola-Trac utilizes the same expertise and knowledge that is required to engineer our heaviest duty mats, which are used to build temporary roadways at construction sites and pads for oil rigs.  This is an impressive feat for manually-deployable mats and demonstrates how we’ve been able to supply Rola-Trac with the capability of withstanding up to 8,000 lbs. per sqft. Made of virgin polypropylene plastic, Rola-Trac is equipped with great strength while maintaining its user-friendly weight of only 0.4 lbs. per panel, and its U-shaped ribs provide twice the strength of a normal rib by dispersing weight across the panels.  We believe that the quality and design of Rola-Trac provides a durability that separates it from your typical modular tile, making it one of the highest performing personal garage or automobile showcase floors available. We are eager to put Rola-Trac on display so that consumers and professionals alike will be able to experience its unique design first-hand and what it has to offer.

Our booth number is 51913 and is in the Performance Pavilion section of the Bronze Lot, situated outside of the South Hall. Come out and see us in person!

Fun Fact: The SEMA Show brings together more than 130,000 industry professionals, making it the largest annual gathering of small businesses on the planet!


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