Autumn and winter bring with them lots of heartfelt cheer, family time and paid holidays! However, all of these great things are often accompanied by harsh and cold weather. Whether you are working outside to decorate for the holidays or just walking to and from your car on a normal day, slippery conditions can sneak up on you. The most recent Bureau of Labour Statistics show that 42,480 USA work injuries involved ice, sleet or snow and 82% were slips and falls from the same level1. That means flat slippery surfaces are contributing to most of the icy slip injuries in the workplace and probably the same at home.

These accidents not only negatively impact workers and families, but they have a significant impact on businesses, causing decreased work efficiency, contributing to time-off work, temporary employee costs, increased demand on co-workers and ultimately increased insurance costs.

All of these accidents can be avoided with increased vigilance and some preparation.

  1. When out and about, make sure to walk slowly and assess ground conditions and wear slip resistant shoes.
  2. Avoid carrying large cumbersome objects that could put you off balance and make it harder for you to catch yourself if you begin to fall.
  3. Home and business owners should keep pathways clear of ice and trip hazards.

Snow and Ice removal methods typically involve shovelling and salt. However, salt can cause damage to roads, sidewalks, indoor flooring, cars and footwear over time. We suggest trying a reusable solution like Rola-Trac this year. Rola-Trac can be layered over snow and on many surfaces as large areas of Rola-Trac are prevented from shifting underneath you as panels are connected together and cannot pivot horizontally. Drainage holes allow for snow and ice to melt through to the ground beneath when conditions begin to thaw. While many people think plastic must be inherently slippery, Rola-Trac has a unique multi-directional tread built in so that even while wet, it remains slip resistant. Rola-Trac, with a combination of snow and ice shovelling or brushing, can keep your family, friend and employees safer during the winter months. For a friendlier option this winter, try a beet juice de-icer! The sugar in beet juice in conjunction with salt, instead of salt alone, lowers the freezing point of water and prevents salt runoff that causes so much damage each year. We’ve used it on our walkways before and promise it doesn’t stain everything purple!

Get back to enjoying the holidays and family time with peace of mind!