With the success of Supa-Trac in the UK and Americas, inventor of IPL MacroTrac™ products, Fergus Arden, decided to create another product that had similar capabilities but would come at a slightly cheaper price for those who needed a little less than what Supa-Trac has to offer.  After some modifications over the years, what we have is Supa-Trac X-Press.  It shares a very similar design to Supa-Trac but there are a couple of differences.

First and most notable, X-Press is lighter and slightly thinner than regular Supa-Trac.  However, X-Press has a static compression capacity of 36,000 lbs/sqft meaning it maintains most of its strength. It’s designed to support heavy pedestrian traffic and static displays, or light vehicle traffic if you have a solid sub-surface.


Supa-Trac has clips that should be attached after piecing the panels together to give the mat its full strength. X-Press does not require any clipping because the panels are designed to lay in closer proximity to each other so that they are good to go once they have been connected resulting in quicker installation.  Supa-Trac is known to be very quick and easy to install but taking away the clips makes it even quicker!

Supa-Trac X-Press can be used in both outdoor and indoor applications to preserve the surface underneath it.  Grass is protected from vehicles as well as pedestrian damage.  Air, water, and light are able to reach the surface to prevent grass from dying.  X-Press can be utilized in all weather conditions as they contain UV inhibitors that prevent damage from long UV exposure and are made of high-impact virgin polypropylene plastic.