We recently attended the Northwest Remodeling Expo in Seattle that took place January 5-7.  The show highlighted all types of companies that can elevate the look and function of your house with its products or services.  We brought Rola-Trac along to the show to display its capabilities as a garage floor, patio floor, and household tool as well as Supa-Trac X-Press if someone needed flooring that can handle a slightly heavier load, such as creating a motorhome parking space.  The show was open to the public, which meant we had the pleasure of talking with countless homeowners and were able to hear their feedback on our products.

What separates IPL MacroTrac™ products from other matting and flooring products is its versatility in all types of situations.  Every mat we have available is designed to function in both indoor and outdoor settings, opening the door for a multitude of possible uses.  Despite the fact that our products have been around for some time now and built a respectable reputation, we continue to discover new uses regularly.  Using Rola-Trac for garage flooring is an idea that wasn’t always there but has become one of its best applications and is something that our users have come to enjoy.

This was our first time taking Rola-Trac to a household type show so we were excited to talk with as many homeowners as we could and receive their feedback.  The crowd flow was great all weekend and we had a high percentage of attendees stopping at our booth to learn more about Rola-Trac.  All the responses we received were positive and we were even introduced to other possible uses that we had not previously thought of.  Some of these include using Rola-Trac as a dock cover to provide better slip resistance and protect the boards that typically need to be replaced every few years as well as putting Rola-Trac in crawl spaces or rooftop balconies.

IPL MacroTrac™ RolaTrac Garage Flooring Solutions Mini CooperIPL MacroTrac™ RolaTrac Garage Flooring Solutions


It is safe to say that the takeaway from the Northwest Remodeling Expo is a positive one and we look forward to next year!