World of Concrete 2018 is in the books!  We had a great time attending the Las Vegas show for the third year in a row – having the chance to reconnect with old or current customers as well as meet countless new faces.  It is the place to be for all things construction, drawing more than 55,000 industry professionals and 1,500 exhibitors!  Attendees and exhibitors alike have everything to gain by showing up to the 43 year old expo, which boasts an impressive 725,000 square feet of exhibit space.


Being at such a big show that holds a well-established reputation like World of Concrete, we are given the opportunity to expand beyond the reach of online marketing.  It is a chance to put our products in peoples’ hands and provide live demonstrations on how they work.  We take pride and place our confidence in the make of our matting products because we know that they’re at the top when it comes to performance – something that becomes more apparent when getting a feel for the products in person.

Possibly our most eye-catching mat and most suitable for heavy-duty use, I-Trac is the only manually-deployable mat on the market that can offer the load-bearing capabilities needed to build roads over various terrains to support the likes of cement trucks and cranes.  At only 38 pounds per panel, I-Trac provides a whopping 86,400 lbs/sqft load-bearing capacity.  Every alternative that can give similar kinds of support require additional equipment just to get the mats into place.


We were also able to bring along two other products – the first of those being Supa-Trac, which is considerably lighter than I-Trac but is still a drivable surface.  Supa-Trac is suitable for lighter construction equipment and makes for easy backyard access during home construction projects.  If Supa-Trac is still more durable than what you need, then Supa-Trac X-Press is a lighter mat that utilizes some of the same design concepts to still allow for some light equipment.  It is also ideal for storage facility flooring, creating pedestrian walkways, or building a storage pad for materials.

It was definitely great to see each of the three products garner positive attention and feedback.  We had a lot of fun talking to everyone who stopped by the booth and for that we’d like to say thank you to those who came by!  We look forward to being back next year!