IPL MacroTrac™ is returning to the Golf Industry Show, taking place in San Antonio, Texas this year.  The trade show runs February 7-8 with other events, such as the GCSAA Golf Championships, beginning February 3 and continuing through February 8.  The trade show focuses on the maintenance side of golf and what it takes to keep courses in pristine condition.  Among the attendees will be golf course owners, superintendents, and other various facility professionals looking for new products that will improve their turf management.

There is a lot of time and hard work that goes into making a golf course look and play great every day.  One of the worst things that can happen is allowing excessive damage to occur to the course when a great deal of labor has been put into it.  As a matting company, we are a bit unique to a show like this.  However, we play a big part in turf maintenance by offering a solution for turf protection with our lineup of mats.  When an event is taking place or a project is going on, damage to the turf is a common problem.  Luckily, we have four mats to choose from that vary in durability and applications meaning that we can provide a solution that fits best to whatever your needs may be!

Find us at Booth 34118 to learn about how we can help you protect your turf!

Visit the GIS website: https://www.golfindustryshow.com