Each time you leave your house or return home, you go through your garage. For some people, the garage may also serve as the main entrance people use when they come into your home. Wouldn’t you rather have an updated and organized garage instead of a cluttered, outdated space. However, there is no need to completely redo your garage when you can make a huge difference with just a few small changes.

Most older garage floors have seen better days, and if you have a new home, there will come a day when the wear-and-tear of everyday life will take a toll on your floor as well. Here at IPL MacroTrac™, we offer an innovative solution to one of the biggest eyesores in any garage: flooring! We know that home renovation can be a big cost, and an even bigger pain, which is why we are dedicated to providing our clients with a better, noninvasive alternative to traditional remodeling methods.

We offer easy-to-install garage flooring options for any size of garage, that you can use throughout a specific area of the garage or the entire space. The Rola-Trac Garage Flooring system is the number one choice for your flooring needs, and has the power to transform the entire look and function of your garage. Made from extremely durable virgin polypropylene plastic, Rola-Trac will keep your garage looking amazing for years to come. Expertly crafted with convenience in mind, Rola-Trac is a versatile and lightweight mat that offers homeowners a better alternative to completely remodeling worn-out garage flooring.

For a garage that looks nothing short of amazing, you will need a properly-organized space so you can optimize the efficiency and maintain plenty of room for your cars, as well as clear walking paths. Whether you have a one, two, or three car garage, it’s crucial to use garage storage to make the most out of every inch in the neatest way possible. Luckily, there are tons of DIY garage tips useful for beginners as well as skilled handymen.

With that being said, storage is the key to having a functional garage. Instead of taking up a good amount of floor space in your garage with a heavy-duty tool box, install a DIY tool rack on your wall. This goes back to making every inch count. Not only does this add extra room in your garage, it is also saves you valuable time when looking for specific tools. You can store just about anything on your garage wall, but deciding how you want to do so can be more difficult. With options like storage bins, metal shelving, book cases, and even kitchen cabinets, you can choose the perfect look that works best for your needs.

See for yourself the innovative mats we have to offer by checking out the Products  tab! When you team up with IPL MacroTrac™ for you garage needs, you will be amazed at the outcome. We are currently located in Fairfield, CA; Lexington, KY; Bellingham, WA and proudly serve customers nationwide.