If you are planning an event, whether it be large or small, there are many things that you should always have on hand and plan for. At IPL MacroTrac™, we want to help with your next event by highlighting 5 things you may not know you need for your next event.

Extension Cords

Extension cords are one of the most important things to have on hand for events. Whether your event is held inside or outdoors, electricity and outlets for machinery and other necessities for your event will be a must. Ensure that you have extension cords of all sizes to guarantee that there are no issues with power sources. Multiple extensions cords may also be necessary, so scoping out your venue beforehand to get an idea of what you need is the best choice.

Sound Systems

Even if your event does not require a DJ, or you believe there is no plan for speeches, having a sound system is still necessary. A microphone and a sound system are necessary to ensure that directions, announcements, and other event information can be relayed to the guests in an easy and quick manner. Sound systems with a microphone are also necessary in case an emergency arises and someone at the event needs to be contacted or event-goers need to be alerted.

Safety Measures

In the same vein of ensuring that guests at your event can hear any emergency announcements, providing safety measures for your next event is also incredibly important. Detail and write out a plan of exit in case of emergency. If possible, keep a list of confirmed guests on hand and take note of guests who did not attend and those who arrived without confirmation. While these individuals may have skipped the event for personal reasons or realized last minute that they could attend, keeping track of everyone at the event is a good plan in case of emergencies. Also ensure that there is a fully stocked first-aid kit on hand at the event in case there is ever a need.


While lighting is an obvious item to have at an event, it is necessary to ensure that you have enough lighting for the entire event. Obviously, lighting will not change at an indoor event, but if your event is outdoors and extends into the night, your lighting needs will change as the day goes on. Plan to add lighting in areas that surround the main area for your event, in areas where guests park, and on pathways to areas that may be separated from the main event area, like restrooms and other activities. By adding additional lighting to these areas, you can make your guests feel safer, ensure that visibility is always optimal, and keep your event flowing smoothly.

Turf Protection Mats

Turf protection mats are a temporary, protective flooring option that can be used on a variety of terrains besides turf. Protective flooring mats, like the ones offered at IPL MacroTrac™, are designed to add stability and improve the quality of the ground for all your events or projects. These interlocking and environmentally friendly mats lay on the surface that you need to add stability to, like a grassy field, dirt road, or backyard, and provide a secure, stable surface that can even accommodate the weight of vehicle traffic. These mats help indoor events run smoothly without worry of damaging the existing floor, and prevent outdoor events from becoming messy if the weather is unfavorable.

At IPL MacroTrac™, we want to help you ensure that your next event runs smoothly with our functional and flexible Turf Protection and Event Matting Solutions. Available nationally, our company has been in the business for over 20 years and has consistently provided our customers with superior matting products and excellent customer service. Contact IPL MacroTrac™ today for more information about flooring solutions for your next indoor or outdoor event.