IPL MacroTrac™ temporary roadway mat systems aim to deliver safe access for vehicles at construction sites and remote locations, even those that have grounds that are inhospitable and soft. The Supa-Trac and I-Trac systems feature interconnecting panels that can be put together without any tools and can be assembled in a short amount of time. The panels produce an adjoining surface capable of handling extremely heavy loads of up to 86,400 pounds per square foot. The IPL MacroTrac™ Matting Systems offer short-term construction pads or roadways which are environmentally friendly, durable, and simple to transport, making them an impressive solution to the needs of utility and construction companies. This ensures that access to resources is quicker and easier.

Supa-Trac is a heavy duty flooring and roadway system that can be used for helipads, staging areas for walkways, lightweight equipment, and underneath tents. This mat system can support load capacities of up to 36,000 pounds per square foot. Each panel is 2.26 square feet; the compact size allows a 48’ flatbed to carry 21,696 square foot per truck.

I-Trac is an innovative, professional-grade, modular infrastructure system that can support remarkable loads and equipment over practically every ground condition. I-Trac is the only mat with the weight capacity to hold up to 86,400 pounds per square foot, and is conveniently available in panels that only weigh 38 pounds individually. The compact size of the panels allows triple the transportation capacity when compared to other large mat products. A 48’ flatbed is able to carry 9,800 square foot per truck.

There are several reasons why utilizing IPL MacroTrac™ construction matting is more beneficial than relying on the competitors. IPL MacroTrac™ mats are less expensive than most of the other matting products on the market, while also providing a higher degree of flexibility and functionality. IPL MacroTrac™ mats are easy to install as well. A foundation of I-Trac construction matting can be laid at a fast and effective rate.

IPL MacroTrac™ construction matting prides itself on supplying environmentally conscious benefits. These systems can help you meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s requisites during implementation of a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan. They minimize the use of foreign materials. One truckload of IPL MacroTrac™ panels equates to eight dump trucks filled with gravel. By using these panels for temporary roadways you can cut costs, time, and the amount of clean-up. IPL MacroTrac™ is also able to minimize the production of dust. By creating construction pads and roadways using our systems, the amount of dirt and dust in the air is reduced. The amount of sediment track-out is lessened as well. IPL MacroTrac™ roadways cover the dirt and mud that would normally get stuck in the tires of trucks, so it is no longer an issue. This means the chance of tracking materials onto the next site is eliminated.

For your next construction job, rely on IPL MacroTrac™. Our matting systems turn any type of terrain and turf into a useable workspace. In North America we have installed over two million square feet of IPL MacroTrac™ roadways and flooring. Our professional installation team will give your vehicles access to your construction site in no time. We have locations in Fairfield, CA; Bellingham, WA; Lexington, KY and proudly serve the entire nation. Contact us today to learn more about our construction matting.