Last weekend we were in Seattle for the Outdoor Gear & Adventure Expo, which takes place alongside the Seattle Bike Show and the Seattle Golf & Travel Show.  The attendees not only had a lot to see, but also a lot to do including bike obstacle courses/tracks, a rock climbing wall, golf simulators, and a beer garden, just to name a few.   All three shows took place at the Centurylink Field Event Center and one ticket got you into all three of the shows, so we ended up with a nice variety of visitors and possible applications during our time there.

Knowing that the average attendee would not be in need of heavy-duty matting, the focus was on our lightest-duty option, Rola-Trac.  Many of the people who stopped by were homeowners that saw value in Rola-Trac improving the function of their house by utilizing its garage or patio floor capabilities.  But because the shows had a focus on outdoor activities, we also got the chance to show off some of its outdoor recreation applications.  One of our favorites is its use as a camping accessory – something that I touched upon in last week’s blog post.  You can read about it here:

Rola-Trac can be used with a similar purpose during RV trips to create either a pad outside of the entrance that’ll serve as a good surface to step onto when exiting the RV, or a larger patio that’s perfect for tables, chairs, a play area, etc.  The alternative option is to use a camping rug but these have various drawbacks that Rola-Trac is a solution for.  Rola-Trac is a very lightweight mat at just 0.4 pounds per panel and can be broken down into whatever shape or size is best for your storage situation.  Once they are in the right size, the best approach to storing the mat is to stack them on top of each other since the panels are only 0.6 inches thick.  When it rains, Rola-Trac will keep you out of the mud and do so without absorbing water and adding weight like the rugs do.  And at the end of its use, Rola-Trac can be hosed off so that it is quickly ready to be put away or re-used.

We enjoy taking the time to attend these trade shows and speak face to face with the people who may not only see the value in using our products, but also provide the criticism and feedback that we need to understand how the products can be improved.  Whether it was a golfer, biker, or outdoor enthusiast who stopped by the booth, we say thank you for taking the time to visit with us and learn more about what we have to offer!

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