We are excited for our upcoming trip next week when we head to Las Vegas, but it’s not just the slot machines and poker tables that we’re looking forward to.  We’ll be attending the National Hardware Show, which is one of the biggest shows of its kind with over 2,800 exhibitors! There’s going to be more than 500 new exhibitors and lots of events this year, so if you’ve been in previous years, there will still be plenty of new things to see!

We will be bringing Rola-Trac along to display its capabilities as a garage floor, patio floor, and household tool as well as Supa-Trac X-Press for the buyer that needs flooring for a heavier application, such as to create a motorhome parking space.  If you are in need of something even more robust, we will also be bringing along a couple of Supa-Trac panels to check out.

What separates IPL MacroTrac™ products from other matting and flooring products is its versatility in all types of situations.  Every mat we have available is designed to function in both indoor and outdoor settings, opening the door for a multitude of possible uses.  Despite the fact that our products have been around for some time now and have built a respectable reputation, we continue to discover new uses regularly.  Using Rola-Trac for garage flooring is an idea that wasn’t always there but has become one of its best applications and is something that our users have come to enjoy.  Rola-Trac and Supa-Trac X-Press have also been used as shop floors, perfect for woodworking.

Our favorite part about these expos is getting to talk with all the different people that stop by the booth and hearing their feedback.  There is always more to learn about our products and we always walk away with new ideas for applications.

The show will be held in the North and Central Halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center as well as the Silver Lot.  The show takes place Tuesday through Thursday and you’ll be able to find us at Booth 10268 in the North Hall.


Link for our exhibitor page w/ map:


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