Rola-Trac is known for its ability to perform in a wide range of applications whether it’s as stadium flooring for an event or a patio outside of your camping tent.

As a company that typically works more directly with businesses, we wanted to find a way to make it easier for the standard consumer to purchase Rola-Trac flooring.  We believe that Rola-Trac is a product that many people could make use of and would enjoy, which is why we are testing out Ace Hardware as a possible avenue for selling Rola-Trac.

We are starting small with a local Ace Hardware close to our Kentucky plant at their Mount Washington, Kentucky location.


Rola-Trac at Ace Hardware in Mount Washington, Kentucky


We plan to gradually expand our reach to more store locations and include in store demos like the one pictured above in Mount Washington.

Our interest for working with Ace Hardware was something that really evolved in August when we attended their fall show in Chicago.  We believed that Ace Hardware would be a good match for Rola-Trac and our next lightest weight product, Supatrac X-Press.

The fall convention confirmed this.  We had a great response and generated a lot of interest from the attendees of the show, motivating us to begin putting Rola-Trac on shelves in some Ace Hardware stores.

Made of virgin polypropylene plastic, Rola-Trac is equipped with the strength needed to make it one of the most durable and long lasting garage flooring mats, while still maintaining its user-friendly weight of only 0.4 lbs per panel.

Take a look at how simple it is to put together your own pad in the video below:


The non-slip textured Rola-Trac panels are UV stabilized, making them perfect for outdoor use in any weather. The unique hinge clip design allows the panels to conform over uneven terrain. Snap the panels together quickly to create a temporary patio, or use them in the garden for safe and clean ADA compliant walkways.

Have a home improvement project coming up? Lay Rola-Trac over your carpet, hardwood or tiles to not only protect your floors, but your expensive tools during your next project.

Rola-Trac can be stored efficiently when you’re not using them, ready to go for its next use.


For more info and applications of Rola-Trac, visit our product page: