The weather is out of our control.

Sure, we can look at forecasts and do our best to determine an event date that will be all sunshine and blue skies, but unfortunately that day gets chosen in advance leaving room for a great deal of uncertainty.  It is up to the event planners to justify their professional titles by “planning” ahead for whatever obstacles are thrown their way. 

So what should you do if it rains on the big day?

Outdoor events are a great deal of fun and open the door to possibilities that indoor events won’t allow for.  Sadly the rain can put quite a damper on everyone’s fun if not properly prepared for.  We’ve compiled a list of some of the things you’ll want to think about before your outdoor events.

Choose the correct venue

First off is picking the ideal place to hold your event.  Things you’ll want to factor in during the decision process are the location, capacity of the venue, onsite facilities, and local amenities.  Based on the location, you’ll also want to educate yourself on local noise ordinances and fire safety codes.  It may go without saying, but make sure you have the necessary permits to hold your event at the place you choose.

Cover up!

One of the initial things you’ll want to do is make sure there’s proper coverage for you attendees so that they aren’t getting soaked all day long.  You can achieve this with party tents or large canopies. 

Your attendees’ comfort comes first

It doesn’t matter how much fun the event is if your attendees aren’t comfortable.  Provide amenities that’ll keep them warm and dry. It might be wise to offer items like ponchos, umbrellas, and blankets.  Having access to portable heaters is also a huge plus and will keep your guests happy. 

Have a Plan B

If the event is outdoors, chances are that you were originally hoping for great weather and have scheduled fun activities that don’t agree with the rain.  Have a backup plan so that your attendees aren’t left bored when the sun doesn’t show up.

Protect the electronics

This can partially fall back into our second tip in which we mentioned providing some type of coverage. But this may not fully get the job done when it comes to all the electronics that are needed to put on a great event. Power stations are often required for vendors, sound systems, lights, etc. so make sure everything is safely protected and cover up those cables.  

Stay out of the mud!

Nobody likes to trek through the mud.  Create pathways and floors with high traction event flooring from IPL MacroTrac™.  All of your needs can be met with a variety of options.   Each of the different mats allows for drainage so that water never puddles on top.  IPL MacroTrac™ flooring features a non-slip surface and self-grounding underside so that the safety of your guests is ensured.  ADA ramping is also available for wheelchair access.

Lousy weather may not be what you’re hoping for, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have an amazing and entertaining event!