It’s no secret that oil plays a big role in the world we live in.  In 2017, the US averaged a petroleum consumption of 19.96 million barrels per day.  To supply the world with enough oil to power the transportation, industrial, residential, commercial, and electric sectors, we have to be active in finding and recovering oil.  However, this needs to be done in a safe manner that limits the environmental impact that can occur.

IPL MacroTrac™ temporary roadway and rig mats are designed to provide a durable surface that protects the landscape it covers.  Location sites are typically prepped with cement or filled with gravel to create a firm ground that the large drill rigs can be built upon.  But IPL MacroTrac™ can greatly limit the environmental damage caused by using cement or gravel.

Our heavy duty I-Trac is ready for rapid deployment and extraction at any drill site, even in remote areas or over soft and inhospitable ground.  The interlocking panels are durable, reusable, easy to transport, and environmentally friendly.  They can be assembled quickly without special tools and create a contiguous surface with extreme strength to weight ratios, handling heavy loads up to 86,400 lbs/sq ft.

IPL MacroTrac™ Rig Mats provide an effective solution for temporary job sites. They are designed to improve the ability to function in remote areas, support equipment on soft or uneven ground, allow faster and easier access to resources, reduce set up time, and allow for easy dismantling.

IPL MacroTrac™ rig mats are priced lower than most other matting products and provide functionality and flexibility at a greater degree.  I-Trac is the only manually deployable rig mat with a weight capacity up to 86,400 lbs/ft2, with each one weighing only 38 pounds.  Larger matting products can cover as much as 400 ft2, which can create a greater negative impact if the mat becomes damaged.  Larger, more expensive rig mats can be seen as overkill on about 90% of job sites.

I-Trac rig mats are easy to install and drastically reduce set up time at your job site. A foundation of I-Trac can be laid quickly and efficiently at a new drill site.  Once installed, it is immediately available for heavy equipment usage.