Concrete and construction have been around since the early days of humankind, which begs the question: what’s left to learn or discover in this field of work?  It turns out that these industries are flourishing with innovative ideas and new knowledge.  

Last week was a perfect example of this when World of Concrete took place in Las Vegas.  Since its inaugural year of 1975, World of Concrete has grown into one of the largest gatherings for companies and individuals in the commercial construction industries with more than 1,500 exhibitors and 58,000 industry professionals congregating in an impressive 745,000 square feet of exhibit space.  It is a week full of exhibition, demonstrations, and informative seminars pertaining to anything and everything construction related. 

As a company that doesn’t strictly belong to the commercial construction industry, we are able to offer products that are unique and versatile.  World of Concrete is the ideal avenue for us to expand our reach and presence among this market and this year’s show exceeded our expectations with big hits on I-Trac, Supa-Trac, and Supa-Trac X-Press.

With thousands of attendees walking around each day, we were able to grab the attention of countless eyes with our unique looking mats.  At first glance they may not appear very formidable because of their manageable sizes and weights, but application videos of large cranes and cement trucks driving across our temporary roadways kept many visitors sticking around to learn more about the products throughout the week.

Construction isn’t always constructive – it’s a business that requires heavy machinery to get the job done.  Unfortunately, construction equipment can cause irreparable damage to the surfaces that are being driven across and worked on.  This was a common sentiment as attendees watched our matting products successfully protect various surfaces in our videos and photos.  

We left the show highly encouraged by the responses we received and about 100 new leads – many of whom we have been in contact with since World of Concrete.  We saw some familiar faces throughout the week and were lucky enough to build new relationships in the construction industry.  

We look forward to returning next year!