The IPL MacroTrac™ team attended Warrior East in Virginia Beach last week.  It was a great opportunity to showcase the best matting products on the market as well as introduce potential buyers to our shipper bins.  The event was hosted by ADS, Inc., our military partners.  Throughout the event, ADS sales reps brought potential buyers by the booth to discuss the advantages of IPL MacroTrac™ matting.

In total, 450 suppliers showcased their products and 5000 attendees witnessed the best the industry has to offer. The goal of every Warrior show is to assist our military with mission specific solutions.  IPL MacroTrac™ has supplied the military around the world with roadways when heavy machinery needs to be moved into remote locations, or a shelter is in need of a quick deployed floor, IPL MacroTrac™ has the solution.

For more info on our military applications, access our military brochure on our military landing page:


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