Last week we were in Ventura County at the Naval Facilities Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center to showcase I-Trac, Supa-Trac, and Supa-Trac X-Press in several applications.

Even though we were in beautiful Southern California, the base had received rainy weather the week before the demonstration, creating muddy conditions at the event site. Luckily we enjoy playing in the mud!

We were excited to seize the opportunity and piece together a Supa-Trac walkway that would keep the attendees out of the muck. The panels have a self-grounding design that keeps the mat in place and a high-tread surface that provides sure footing for pedestrians.

Also being looked at during the demo were tented structures. Supa-Trac X-Press was installed as flooring in one of the smaller tents while I-Trac was put into the largest tent.

Supa-Trac X-Press was the perfect solution for the smaller structure as it would only be seeing pedestrian use and therefore did not warrant the need for our heavier duty mats. It installs extremely quickly and is equally efficient during extraction. If you only need a floor for a short-term use, then X-Press is the ideal solution because of its movability. If you need a floor for long-term use, no worries, X-Press is great for that too!

I-Trac was chosen for the largest tent at the event to create a structure that provided the ability to house military vehicles. Extending out of the tent was an entrance with our new I-Trac ramps on the end to create an easy entry point.

All of our mats were a big hit, generating a huge amount of excitement, interest, and questions from the attendees. Those who had never seen IPL MacroTrac™ flooring were very enthusiastic about seeing quickly deployable flooring that could satisfy their needs.

But the highlight of the event was demonstrating I-Trac’s robustness. We love taking the opportunity to do live demos and this time we were lucky enough to have an Armored D6 Dozer drive up the ramp and into the structure. You may be able to tell someone that the floor you’ve installed has an impressive load bearing capacity (86,400 lbs/sqft), but it’s always better when you can show them!