We are excited to have I-Trac back at the Super Bowl! As things are gearing up for the big game in Miami, Fox Sports will be broadcasting more than 100 hours of programming from their temporary studio at local beach and popular volleyball destination – Lummus Park.

“FOX Sports’ South Beach location represents the network’s largest footprint ever for a Super Bowl. The compound includes two separate stages and a large demonstration field that will be utilized throughout the week by the brand’s full complement of weekday studio shows and Sunday programs. Located just steps away from sand and surf, the FOX Sports compound is situated on Ocean Drive at Lummus Park…”

Because Lummus Park is frequently visited and played on, it’s only right to do things properly during set up and tear down to limit the amount of debris left at the beach. Last thing anyone wants is someone getting hurt diving or stepping on something sharp!

To prevent this, I-Trac was employed as a strong foundation for the structures being built and as a barrier that would prevent debris from contaminating the sand. The regular volleyball goers are familiar with events being held at Lummus Park and have had problems in the past.

Miami Beach resident Brandon Lozano says “Every time we’d get our courts back, there’d be nails in the ground, wooden planks in the floor. There were multiple times you could smell gas in the sand.”

We’re happy that Fox Sports is taking the correct preventative measures to keep Lummus Park a safe place to play at after the Super Bowl by utilizing the best heavy duty matting out there – I-Trac!


Photo credit to Quality Event Flooring Systems