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History & Vision

MacroTrac became a division of Macro Plastics in 2010. The experience of a proven plastics manufacturing company allowed for a smooth transition into manufacturing and marketing the worlds most innovative matting solutions in the America’s. The inventor of the MacroTrac line of products, Fergus Ardern, had been effectively manufacturing and selling this same line of matting products throughout Europe and various regions overseas. His challenge was to find a company capable of keeping up with the demand and moving his products into more regions around the world.

Macro Plastics provided the solution. Offering engineering expertise, consistent performance, and a track record for great customer service, Macro Plastics, was the ideal partner to manufacture and market these superior matting products in the America’s. Although only manufactured in the US for the past 6 years, our products have been on the global market scene for almost 20 years and have a proven track record for consistent performance in a variety of markets including but not limited to; Events, construction, Oil and Gas, and the utility sectors.

The MacroTrac line of products are uniquely strong while still being light weight enough to manually deploy, allowing for customers to utilize a variety of matting solutions to fit their current needs.

I-Trac provides a heavy duty matting solution for the more rugged industrial needs, while keeping with the theme of being manually deployable. Each panel weighs only 38 lbs, yet has the remarkable load bearing capacity of 86,400 lbs per ft^2! The popularity of I-Trac around the world makes it a leader in its class. No other manually deployed mat can perform to the capability of I-Trac.

Supa-Trac and Supa-Trac X-Press are among the most commonly deployed matting solutions seen at concert and stadium venues across the world. The ease of installation and extraction, the aesthetics and durability, are just a few of the reasons that these products remain so popular.

Often referred to as the Mercedes Benz of the industry, the MacroTrac line of matting solutions outperforms any competition in its class. We look forward to serving you on your next jobsite!

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