Supa-Trac X-Press is the go-to flooring system when a safe path is needed whether it is for a construction project or event. Installation and extraction is simple and quick allowing your pedestrian walkway to transform or move locations as is needed. Each panel only weighs 3.3 pounds making it easily transportable. Additionally, no extra tools are required for installation or extraction – all you will need is one or more physically able persons.

Supa-Trac X-Press has been designed to avoid any slipping or tripping hazards. Attachable ADA compliant edge ramps are available for easy pedestrian and wheelchair access. The surface features a high traction design and allows for water to drain through so that one’s footing is maintained in all weather conditions. Supa-Trac X-Press can be used to provide a safe and walkable surface on most ground types, such as grass, dirt, concrete, and sand. While placing the mats over large gaps/holes should be avoided, smaller changes in the terrain are easily managed thanks to the locking pin’s ability to swivel and therefore contour to the ground. In order to prevent sun damage that commonly causes plastic materials to become brittle over time, we incorporate UV stabilizers that inhibit degradation of the polymer we use, polypropylene, so that you get many years of use!

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