Whether it is a small backyard BBQ or an event for thousands, Rola-Trac has proven to be effective in providing attractive non-slip walkways and assembly areas. Edge ramps can be added to create an attractive and finished edge. The low profile 0.6” thick panels are easily accessible by wheelchairs, strollers and carts.

In short-term applications, Rola-Trac will protect turf from high pedestrian traffic damage and allow grass to breathe with its aeration holes that allow the passage of light and water. Rola-Trac will not only protect your grass, but it will keep friends, family, or attendees out of the mud during your next gathering or event!

Why Choose IPL MacroTrac™? IPL MacroTrac™ Event mats are priced competitively to other event mats, but consistently out-perform while providing functionality and flexibility unparalleled in the industry. You will not be disappointed with the ease of installation, the durability and the versatility of IPL MacroTrac™ Event matting and Turf Protection solutions

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MacroTrac Garage Flooring Solutions

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