Rola-Trac panels are made of lightweight polypropylene plastic. The non-slip textured panels are UV stabilized, making them perfect for outdoor use in any weather. The unique hinge clip design allows the panels to conform over uneven terrain. Snap the panels together quickly to create a temporary patio, or use them in the garden for safe and clean ADA compliant walkways.

Have a home improvement project coming up? Lay Rola-Trac over your carpet, hardwood or tiles to not only protect your floors, but your expensive tools during your next project.

When you are done, Rola-Trac is easy to clean, disassemble and store until your next project, whether you are doing a short weekend job or a keeping it as a permanent installation.

Panels can be stored efficiently in a garage or shed when you’re not using them, or thrown in your trunk and taken on your next adventure.

Rola-Trac Assembly/Disassembly

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Garage Flooring

MacroTrac Garage Flooring Solutions
MacroTrac Garage Flooring Solutions

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MacroTrac Outdoor Recreation Solutions
MacroTrac Outdoor Recreation Solutions

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MacroTrac Events and Tents Solutions

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