Looking for a solution to keep yourself and gear out of the mud? Rola-Trac is a perfect portable pad that can be easily clipped together and used underneath your tent, next to your RV or underneath an outdoor shower. The options are endless.

Whether you’re taking the RV and want to replace your soggy patio rug or fixing up your dirt bike and don’t want to lose your parts in the mud, Rola-Trac will provide a space for exactly what you need.

Highly durable polypropylene plastic panels are lightweight and can be easily hosed down for a quick clean.

Features and Benefits

  • Weighing only 0.4 lbs each, panels are lightweight enough to pack and take with you.
  • Durable enough to park a car on it!
  • UV-stabilizers are mixed into our colorant to give your tiles a long life.
  • Rain-Channels and multi-directional tread provide drainage and keep your surface free of pooling water and slip hazards.
  • Aeration holes allow light and air to pass through, protecting the turf beneath.

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Other Applications

Garage Flooring

MacroTrac Garage Flooring Solutions
MacroTrac Garage Flooring Solutions

Home and Garden

MacroTrac Home and Garden Solutions
MacroTrac Home and Garden Solutions

Events and Tents

MacroTrac Events and Tents Solutions
MacroTrac Events and Tents Solutions

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