As the weather continues to get warmer, more people are going to opt to have their events outdoors. There are many upsides to having an event outdoors, such as larger event spaces, a wider range of possible activities, and being able to enjoy some fresh air.  However, it can’t be all pros.  When an event is moved outside, it is then subject to other factors that don’t have to be taken into consideration when kept inside.

The biggest of these factors is the weather.  Even though it might be a good time of the year filled with mostly sunshine, it is never assured that rain won’t find its way into the forecast.  Most events are scheduled with enough time to do some planning and invite guests, meaning the weather on the day of the event is a bit of a toss-up.

It is important to be prepared with the right event flooring chosen ahead of time.  All of our matting products provide the traction, durability, and ease of use needed for any event.  With four different matting options, we can provide exactly what you need, whether it’s a drivable surface for large events that need a parking lot on a grass field, or a pedestrian walkway to keep guests from walking through the mud.

Our most durable mat, I-Trac, is commonly used for large events.  It has an impressive load-bearing capacity of 86,400 lbs per sqft, giving it the strength to withstand essentially any event application. I-Trac is used for concerts, typically staying down through the setup, performance, and tear-down.  One of I-Trac’s main applications is as a temporary road over muddy conditions, with its 86,400 lbs per sqft strength permitting construction vehicles to drive across.  That kind of strength is what makes I-Trac ideal for setup purposes like building a stage and truck access.

A step down from I-Trac is Supa-Trac, which is still a drivable surface for forklifts and standard vehicles.  This means that it can still be used during the setup process for most events.  And at a weight of 4.4 pounds per panel, it is easily managed by all personnel and can be quickly installed.

Supa-Trac’s brother, Supa-Trac X-Press, shares the design of Supa-Trac with some minor modifications and less plastic.  At 3.3 pounds per panel, we recommend using X-Press mainly for pedestrian purposes. However, it is still thick enough to guarantee a flat and firm event surface.

Rola-Trac is our lightest mat, perfect for walkways and event floors on even ground.  It is extremely fast and easy to install, and requires the least amount of effort to transport.

As mentioned before, all of these mats are high traction so that slipping isn’t a problem even when that unexpected rain hits.  Additionally, we offer attachable ADA compliant ramps for all of the mats to allow for wheelchair access and to prevent tripping.

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