This week we are in Las Vegas exhibiting our heavy duty matting at the World of Concrete show for the commercial construction industry.  Three years ago we were at World of Concrete, fortunate enough to cross paths with ADS, Inc. who provides equipment services, procurement, and value added services solutions to Department of Defense, federal, state, and local agencies.  

Since its start in 1979, ADS has built a reputation for itself with 3000 suppliers and 200 representatives in the field – most of whom are military veterans.  They have grown to be a top 5 Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) supplier and top 50 federal government contractor.  ADS has become a one stop shop for forward operating bases (FOB), which is any secured military position, commonly a military base, that is used to support tactical operations.

When we first partnered with ADS, we were excited at the opportunity to build a relationship with a company like ADS that could connect us to the department of defense.  The inventor of IPL MacroTrac™ matting products, Fergus Arden, is based out of the UK and did the majority of his business by supplying the UK military with matting products.  Prior to ADS, IPL MacroTrac™ had only one military project when we created a hover craft pad at San Clemente Island with our heavy duty I-Trac.

ADS has exceeded our expectations in representing us and our products by matching us with those who are in need of matting.  We are currently working with Tyndall Air Force Base through ADS to provide matting for temporary buildings, shelters and even a bowling alley.  Tyndall was devastated by Hurricane Michael and much of the base has to be rebuilt.  

ADS also holds two annual expos, Warrior Expo West and Warrior Expo East, where we are invited to show off our matting products to an exhibition hall full of government, defense, program managers, and procurement specialists.  In addition to the expos, ADS arranges demos that connect suppliers like us with customers that are a good match.

During our time with ADS, we have been provided the opportunity to present our products to a wide range of military units and personnel.  Many of these demos have been very productive – we have always believed that the best way to show the capabilities of IPL MacroTrac™ products is via live demonstrations. In the last three years since partnering with ADS, our I-Trac and Supa-Trac products have been employed in a variety of ways.  Some of these include an I-Trac wash deck floor in Eastern Europe to accommodate tanks and military vehicles, I-Trac tarmac and hangar flooring in Niger, and Supa-Trac helipads in various locations.  

Our partnership has been extremely productive and we are proud to now be one of the top 40 suppliers for ADS!